Daisuke FURUTA

While gaining experience as a Japanese style osteopathy practitioner, I have studied various other techniques such as Japanese jujutsu practice, Chinese traditional medicine, chiropractic and French osteopathy. My unique Japanese style osteopathy practice was created based on these techniques combined with my experience as a pianist, short distance runner and Chinese traditional martial arts practitioner.

I’m also one of the original members of “Paris Art Project” which acts as a cultural bridge between Paris and Japan. “Paris Music Forum” is another organization that I work for as a member. This organization is founded by Prof. Park-Heyoung from the École Normale Supérieure to support young musicians. I’ve also joined “Amatan AC” which encourages people of all ages to exercise. I organize physical activities such as track and field practice every month. My best achievement as an athlete was going onto the semifinal 60 meter sprint at the World Masters Championships indoor Budapest in 2014. As a Japanese style osteopathy practitioner, artist and athlete I combine my experiences and take a variety of approaches to heal patients of all nationalities and backgrounds in my borderless work.


Everyone has a different life style and lives in a different environment. As a result, most people develop an imbalance in their posture and their movements. Using a variety of Japanese and western osteopathy techniques, I restore the balance in your body and give you exercise help. This will improve your overall health and wellbeing. I have over 15 years of professional experience in alternative medicine and Japanese traditional physical therapy and offer unique treatment that provides pain relief through delicate and sensitive manipulations. I can provide treatment for almost all physical conditions, including those related to internal organs and musculoskeletal disorders. I also provide conditioning programs that are specially made for musicians. These programs have been created based on holistic treatment techniques for musicians and musical performers. I studied these techniques mainly in France.

Fee structure
First session:13,000 yen
Follow-up session:12,000yen
*Each session takes approximately 50min.
Home visits cost an additional 2,000yen plus actual travel expenses from Hankyu Mukonosou station.


Watanabe sekkotsuin
1-26-23 Tsukaguchi-Cho Amagasaki-shi Hyogo Japan
5min walk from Hankyu Tsukaguchi station